How to write jaw-dropping copy that makes clients want to hire you  


  • The exact words and phrases that bring all the clients to the yard 
  • What to say to connect emotionally with your readers
  • How to show your dream clients that your service is so life-changing, they'll basically die without you
  • The gotta know it test your copy must pass before you hit the "publish" button
  • The super duper secret trick copywriters employ to hook you (use this sparingly for the best results!)

About Lauren

Lauren Vanessa Zink helps entrepreneurs find their voice, nail their messaging, and write incredible, sales-making copy. Armed with a B.A. and red lipstick, she’s taken tens of thousands of coaches, consultants, and creatives from “Who are you?” to “Holy sh*t, where have you been all my life?” When she isn’t working on a client launch or writing about herself in the third person, you can find her playing at one of San Diego’s awesome dog beaches with her fur baby Sphinx.